PLENGKUNG surf break has been divided up into several sections. The first, at the top of the point, is called "Kongs", which breaks up to several hundred metres in length, and can hold quite large sizes (from about 2 to 12 feet+, Hawaiian scale). It is not usually a barrel, nor genuinely world-class, but more a series of takeoff zones with some long wall sections, although it can also barrel on occasions.

Moneytrees works from about 2 to 10 feet (Hawaiian scale, or about 4 to 20 feet wave faces), usually breaking over several hundred metres, and is a long, testing, barreling, world-class wave. The barrels become more critical the lower the tide and the larger the swell. Moneytrees may also occasionally link up with the next section called Speedies, with an outside takeoff section between the two called LaunchingPads.

Launching Pads can catch the surfer offguard, as it can break a significant way out to sea in larger swells. Speedies (named after how fast the wave breaks) is the heaviest wave at PLENGKUNG, but can be a perfect, very round barrel for several hundred metres, rideable from about 2 to 8 feet+ (Hawaiian scale). It usually needs larger swells, and low tide can be very dangerous.

Banyuwangi, East Java